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Logosol Big Mill - Wide Slabber


You can come across really big trees both out in the woods and in older parks and gardens. When the trees are felled, it is often hard to find the right tools for cutting the logs into valuable boards. Oversized logs are easiest to cut up on the spot where they were felled, and the Logosol Big Mill is the ultimate solution. The package consists of a saw frame for big chainsaws and guide rail sections, which give stability and highest precision.

New possibilities for giant logs

Giant logs are easiest to cut up on the spot where they were felled. The Logosol Big Mill is a complete equipment package that gives you unique opportunities to make use of valuable giant logs. Cut wide, rough-edged boards from different sorts of fine wood. The system with two guide rails gives stability and highest precision. You work quickly and safely in a comfortable working position. After some practice, you will only need a couple of minutes to set the equipment for the next cut. The Big Mill comes almost completely assembled. This sawmill can handle log lengths up to 2.7 metres and diameters up to 180 cm. You can exetend the equipment for longer logs.

Guide rail package for the Big Mill

With the guide rail package for the Big Mill you get highest precision and exact measurements in every saw cut. Very simple adjustments between the saw cuts. Comfortable sawing where you use a crank that gives an even pressure and a very good sawing result. The standard length of the guide rails is 3 metres.

From oversized log to unique boards with the Logosol Big Mill

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Fit the guide rail assembly to the log, where you want to make the first cut. The saw frame is mounted, and it slides easily on the guide rails. The saw frame is driven forward by a crank. Working with this method is easy, and it gives a stable and even pressure through the log. After each saw cut, you lower the guide rail assembly and the saw frame. Includ- ed saw templates make it easy to set the dimensions for the next board. The log is now cut into valuable, unique boards with exact dimensions.The equipment can handle logs that are up to 180 cm in diameter.



  • Comfortable operation with a crank that gives an even pressure and a very good sawing result.
  • Guide bar lengths of up to 84’’ (214 cm) allow for a cutting width of fully 180 cm. Longer guide bars can be specially ordered.
  • Safe, efficient and exact sawing.
  • Simple setting between the saw cuts.
  • 2.7 metre sawing length with the possibility of extension.
  • Separate oil pump for lubrication at the bar nose, means minimal wear on the guide bar.
  • Water cooling of the chain makes the chain stay sharp longer.
  • Two guide rails give stability and accurate measurements.
  • Tools for changing chain and templates for exact setting for different board thicknesses are included.



Technical Data

Weight: 41 kg (saw frame: 26 kg, rail assembly: 15 kg)
Length: 2x3 metres as standard. Easy to extend.
Max. log diameter: Up to 180 cm, with the possibility of
sawing even larger logs.
Guide bar length: 142, 166, 214 cm
Recommended motor power: Min. 9 hp. We recommend the Stihl MS880.

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