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New Stronger Electric Saw for High-Efficiency Log Sawing


Logosol’s electric saws offer you a more efficient and quieter sawing. A perfect choice if you have access to electricity at your working site. The electric saws start directly when you press the button and are significantly quieter than a petrol-driven chainsaw. Working with your chain sawmill becomes even more efficient.


There are two models of the electric saw, ES5 of 4.6 kW, with a maximum power of up to 12 hp, and the super strong ES8 of 8 kW with a maximum power of 20 hp.


A 16A main fuse is sufficient for all models and they have excellent overheating protection. The smooth running of the engine causes less wear on the chain and the sprocket than with a petrol-driven chainsaw. All models are equipped with an efficient automatic oil pump. There are many different guide bar lengths and chain types to choose from.


We recommend the ES5 when you saw a large amount of normal-sized logs and occasionally some large-diameter logs. The ES8 is suitable when you produce a lot of timber, and when you saw extra hard or oversized timber.


For our saw units you choose between basic crank feeding or manual remote feeding.


Cutting equipment
Traditional guide bars can be used. Lengths up to 70 cm fit. Logosol has three different guide bar types.


Guide bar made of three metal plates that are welded together. Low weight, but it is a bit more resilient than a solid bar. Good durability.


A laser-cut, solid, high-quality guide bar. Milled groove for the chain. Stable and wide bar mount and tough hardening. No nose sprocket.


In cooperation with the best guide bar manufacturer in the world, the Canadian Cannon Bars, Logosol has developed a fantastic, solid guide bar for log sawing. A thinner material in combination with really tough hardening and precise tolerances in the chain groove, give a bar that is ideal for chain sawmills.


Bar nose steering
You can upgrade your saw unit with the bar-nose steering to get higher precision when making wide cuts. The tube of the bar-nose steering is adjustable and fits 40- 70 cm long guide bars. The guide bar is held in place by a strong magnetic at the bar nose. The bar-nose steering makes it easy to adjust the guide bar parallel to the log beds for a perfect sawing result. Recommended!



Technical Data


Bar length: Recommended guide bar length: 50 or 70 cm. Other lengths are available.
Included: Oil pump, chain tensioner, belt tensioner, and more.
Electrical connection: 3-phase, 400V, 16A maximum power.

Rated power: ES5 4.6 or ES8 8 kW
Weight: approx. 35-40kg kg (77-85 lbs)

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